MyZip integrates powerful performance with excellent design, super multi-threaded compression speed combined with right-click menu compression and decompression, perfect encryption compression, volume compression, solid compression, preview and many other functions bring you the best compression experience.
*Support Apple M1 and Intel chips
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Myzip for Mac-7Z RAR ZIP多线程压缩解压工具
Powerful multi-threaded compression tool for macOS

multithreaded compression, To the extreme.
Multi-threaded compression speed measurement
Increase up to 5 times
Apply advanced multi-threading technology to let each core of your CPU explode potential. For a 4-core Mac, the compression speed is increased by 4-6 times; powerful performance, rich functions, and minimalist design bring you an unprecedented compression experience.
Note: The model tested is a MacBook Pro 2016 2.7 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. Test data may vary slightly due to other factors such as temperature.
What is multithreaded compression?
MyZip fast compression
6 S
306 M
macOS system compression
33 S
303 M
Keynote original file
637 M
Uncompressed, preview first.
MyZip supports previewing the compressed package, and can delete and add files directly from the compressed package, and supports filtering by file type. At the same time, it supports double-click preview and right-click preview. Users can choose and use according to their habits.
Right-click to compress and decompress

Directly use the right-click menu to compress, "decompress, one-step", which is very in line with the user's usage habits.

For iso, dmg, mp4, zip, 7z, etc., which are already compressed formats, there is no compressible file. Compressing again does not reduce the file size. Use the second-speed package to merge them. You can uncompress the file. Already a quick pack of compressed files.
Packing in seconds
Autoswitch input
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