iShot is the most comprehensive screenshot and screen recording tool on macOS.
Screenshots, long screenshots, multi-window screenshots, delayed screenshots, annotations, textures, color picking, screen recording... Many rich functions meet your various needs,
Its excellent function has won the praise of the majority of users!
*Supports Apple M1 and Intel chips
iShot Mac长截图、滚动截图、截图、标注、贴图、录屏、取色
Screenshots, long screenshots, textures, annotations, color picking, screen recording One top six, everything is excellent.
long screenshot Longer, longer.
iShot lets you no longer be limited to one screen, and uses long screenshots to help you capture a wider image in portrait orientation on your Mac. Up, up, up again, longer, longer, longer.
Proper use of long screenshots can make a tiger even more powerful
Come, let's learn how to take screenshots together
clear and orderly steps, Everyone likes it.
iShot's numbered serial number marks help you clearly mark steps. It allows you to set the serial number, move the text box position, adjust the font size, color, and set the stroke for the font.

Learn to use serial numbers>
Pin Picture, let you see six ways.
At work, you may need multiple pieces of information as a reference. Use maps to select multiple information areas. As for the top layer of the screen, you can refer to it at any time.
On Mac, Carefully capture a big play.
Press ⌥+W to start recording. iShot allows you to set parameters such as resolution, frame rate, delay, microphone, and export format before recording. Setting in advance can maximize power consumption and save export time.
multi-window screenshots, Screenshot + Shift to select multiple windows for screenshots.
After starting to take a screenshot, hold down shift and click on each window in turn to take a multi-window screenshot. If you click Desktop, Multi-Window Screenshot can use the desktop wallpaper as the multi-window screenshot baseboard.
Coherent Action
Pick Color
Time-lapse screenshot
Rounded Corners and Shadows
Double click ⌥, Screenshot, edit continuous operation.
What you can see is all you can take, Thousands of colors, all famous.
54321, Make a pose and take a screenshot.
comfortable rounded corners, Proper shade.
Many times, you need to use other apps for editing after taking a screenshot. iShot provides you with a continuous operation method. After selecting the screenshot, double-click ⌥ to save the picture for you and open it with the specified app. Although it is a small step, we But it took a lot of thought.
Cornflower blue, between green and blue, is the most noble blue in the world. iShot can not only complete the color selection, but also display the name of the current color. It supports RGB and HEX color picking. At the same time, you can also customize the color picking code, directly get the code with color code, copy and paste it, which is very convenient for UI design.
If the content of your screenshot is a window or menu bar that is easy to disappear, it will disappear after the mouse leaves. You cannot take a screenshot while operating the mouse. At this time, the time-lapse screenshot should be played. It is like you pose and ask someone to take pictures for you.
As you may have noticed, the use of rounded corners and shadows will make your screenshots more polished. iShot allows you to choose screenshots with rounded corners, and you can customize the shadow size and color to make your screenshots full of artistic sense.









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